This spring, Lyndsey will be offering 3 different types of workshops with her lovely friend and co-breathworker Anna Nevala: Breath Circles, Day Retreats and Conscious Connected Breath Workshops.

breath circles

2 hour conscious connected breath sessions reserved for people who have already had at least one 1:1 conscious connected breath session with Lyndsey, or attended at least one 1:1 conscious connected breath workshop with Lyndsey & Anna. The breath circles are not suitable for newcomers to conscious connected breathwork.

Time: 14:30 – 16:30
: Sensate Spa & Studio, 68 Northumbria Drive, Henleaze, BS9 4HW
Investment: £30 per person 

day retreats

5.5 hour sessions suitable for anyone interested in exploring different types of breathwork. The day  will include:
Breathing basics: how you are breathing and why it matters. Are you breathing through your nose or mouth? Do you breathe mostly in your chest or in your belly? Is your breath shallow or deep, fast or slow? Is it constricted anywhere? Are you overbreathing? Do you unconsciously hold your breath? What is a diaphragmatic breath? How can we optimise the use of our respiratory muscles to breathe better? What message is your breathing pattern sending your brain?
Breathwork for nervous system regulation: using the breath as a tool to hack into our nervous system and change our mental and emotional state. Why does the brain listen to the lungs? How can we change the signals sent to the brain using the breath? How can the breath switch us out of fight/flight? What is the vagus nerve and what’s it got to do with breathing? What are the best breathing techniques to calm the mind and relax the body? Which breathing techniques help increase focus/energy levels? 
Conscious connected breathwork:  a journey into a non-ordinary state of consciousness using the breath to connect mind, body and spirit. This powerful modality provides access to higher levels of consciousness and can be profoundly healing. It opens up the respiratory system, using the body’s natural healing abilities to release physical, mental and emotional tension.
The retreat provides an opportunity to experience a deeper connection to your breath, your body and yourself in a safe, supportive environment. You will leave with self-empowering tools and techniques to support your physical, mental and emotional health. A lovely vegetarian lunch, homemade cakes, tea and snacks are all included.

Time: 10:30 – 16:00
Sensate Spa & Studio, Henleaze, Bristol BS9 4HW
Investment: £90 per person (plus booking fee)

For the ultimate relaxation, why not extend the day and book a 1 hour 45 minute spa journey after the retreat, enjoying the hot tub, sauna and cold plunge pool. This can be booked directly through the Sensate Spa website.

conscious connected breath workshops

3 hour conscious connected breath sessions suitable for new and experienced breathers alike. Lyndsey & Anna will explain and demonstrate the conscious connected breathing technique and guide the group through a breath journey. There will be time for journaling, integration and sharing after the breathe, with tea and snacks available.

Time: 10:00 – 12:30
: Sensate Spa & Studio, 68 Northumbria Drive, Bristol BS9 4HW
Investment: £35.00 per person (plus booking fee) 

Time: 11:00 – 14:00
: Wild Box, 14 Whitehouse Place Bristol BS3 4BL
Investment: £37.50 per person (plus booking fee) 

Time: 11:00 – 14:00
: Wild Box, 14 Whitehouse Place Bristol BS3 4BL
Investment: £37.50 per person (plus booking fee) 

orchardleigh wellness day retreats

Lyndsey is part of the Orchardleigh Estate Wellness Retreat team and will be offering breathwork at weekend retreats at the stunning Orchardleigh Estate in Somerset. These Transformative Retreats are designed to nourish your mind, body, and soul.  As well as a powerful conscious connected breath session with Lyndsey & Anna, the weekend includes pilates, reiki, yoga, tapping, a cacao ceremony and sound bath. Join us for a beautiful weekend of self-care!

Lyndsey’s clients are entitled to a 5% discount on the weekend – use code LM ORCH 2024

Time: 10:00 6 July – 16:00 7 July
: Elmhay Park, Orchardleigh Estate, Frome BA11 2PB
Investment: from £259 per person *** Use 5% discount code LM ORCH 2024***

What My Clients​​ Say about Day Retreats


The day retreat with Lyndsey and Anna was a wonderful way to connect with like-minded people, experience something new and learn. A perfect combination for me. Lyndsey and Anna held the space so well and they have wonderful presence - steady, kind and knowledgeable. I liked that we tried different breathing techniques and the theory we learned was pitched at just the right level. The space we used was just right and the food was marvellous. All in all a fabulous day and I left feeling calm, nurtured and more able to tap into something I am going through right now with clarity and perspective.
Philippa R
Thank you so much for an absolutely beautiful day today. I felt very held, supported and nurtured by you both with a beautiful mix of information sharing and breathwork. Lunch was delicious too. A really special day.
Ali H
I didn't really have any idea what to expect from breathwork and I enjoyed learning about it so much. Anna and Lyndsey were really friendly, kind and welcoming and I felt it was a brilliant introduction to the power of the breath. I can't believe how deep, emotional and transformative my experience was. I am hooked and will definitely be back and telling my friends!
N. K
Well worth the time. Lyndsey and Anna expertly condensed the key ideas needed to understand breathwork. We practiced a broad range of techniques. In particular I would highly recommend everyone try conscious connected breathing once. I wouldn't have believed that it would be so emotionally impactful if I hadn't experienced it myself.
F. F

What My Clients​​ Say about Workshops

'fabulous' ... 'mind-blowing' .... 'incredible' .... 'amazing' .... 'empowering' ....'profoundly helpful'

The breath workshop came at exactly the right time for me. I was astounded by the profoundly buried emotions that bubbled to the surface, made possible by such a deceptively simple technique. I sobbed uncontrollably, releasing unacknowledged pain .The whole process was made possible (and bearable) by the feeling of safety that Lyndsey and Anna's caring presence engendered. Post-session, the feeling of release has remained with me.
That was a fabulous workshop . It opened something up inside and definitely shifted some deep stuff up and out of my body. I felt wiped out and exhausted for the rest of the day, I went and slept for a couple of hours. But I am feeling a lot better today. It feels like it was a very cleansing experience.
Lucianne L
I am so utterly grateful to have found breathwork and yourself and Anna at the exact time I needed you. I am absolutely blown away by how powerful breathwork has been. October's workshop drew out the pain and anger trapped inside and left lighness and space. Saturday's workshop filled that space with peace. Having lived my entire adult life with anger, stress and emotional pain to actually know what inner peace feels like is life changing. I am truly grateful to you both for this gift of knowledge that I can tap into.
Lisa T
I find my sessions profoundly helpful in releasing tidal waves of negative emotions and trauma from my body whilst reconnecting with my mind and body in deeply positive way. I am lighter, brighter and happier afterwards so much so, I had people comment on how well I was looking in the days after my last session.
Jessica C
Practising Conscious Connected Breathing in a group is an incredible experience. Somehow, the practice feels more profound and effective. Anna and Lyndsey are two amazing and very experienced facilitators with a beautiful and shining positive energy. You simply feel happier just being in the room with them. They are able to understand everyone's needs, even when the group is very large. Workshops are always perfectly organised for both beginners and regular practitioners of conscious connected breathing. I wish we could have a workshop every week!
Gaetano Arena
I met Lyndsey and Anna at a retreat where they were taking a breathwork session. I came into the session nervous because I did not know what to expect even though I had been recommended to do one. I had also read up about it but going through this breathwork made me realise it was such a powerful way of improving emotional, spiritual and physical health. Lyndsey and Anna have such a welcoming non-judgemental aura, as well the ability to create a beautiful space that put my nerves at ease. It allowed me to become vulnerable but feeling safe at the same time to allow my body to do what it needed to release what it was holding onto. I was surprised that I discovered that some things that I was still holding on to could further release through breathwork. I gained much much more from it than I initially thought I would. Afterwards, I felt calm, at peace and felt like I had been through a big therapy session for both my physical and emotional health. I would definitely recommend these lovely people who are really talented at what they do.
Joad Shaban
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