“The mind controls the body, but the breath controls the mind” – Iyengar


I have long been fascinated by the relationship between mind, body and spirit and have explored a variety of different holistic approaches to health and wellness over the last twenty years. These include mindfulness, meditation, reiki, Quantum Touch, TRE and the more spiritual workshops and retreats run by Robert Waterman and Karey Thorne. I first experienced the extraordinary natural healing power of the body more than 15 years ago, through Network Spinal Analysis, a form of chiropractic that helps to release trauma and tension stored in the spine and nervous system. It was a revelation to learn that it was possible to release emotional energy from the body without the need for my mind to engage in the process and this helped me through a very difficult period of my life.

However, it was only on a retreat with Alan Dolan (of Breathguru fame) that I realised that it was possible to achieve the same release of long-held emotional and physical tension from the body by myself, simply by using the breath. The breath sessions also provided unexpected clarity, awareness and insights, resulting in a profound shift in how I felt about my career, relationships and purpose in life. It felt like the equivalent of years of therapy in a few short sessions – a life-changing discovery, which led to me training as a Conscious Connected Breathwork facilitator.

Since then, I have witnessed similar extraordinary shifts in my clients: from anguish to inner calm, from extreme stress to deep relaxation and from agitated anxiety to peaceful wellbeing. I believe breathwork to be not only the fastest and most direct route to personal growth and transformation, but also the most accessible, since the technique is so easy to learn – a truly self-empowering practice that is available to all of us to use whenever we wish.

Since discovering Conscious Connected Breathing I have trained in several other breathwork techniques, including the Buteyko Method, all of which have convinced me that this simple process that we all take for granted is key to our sense of physical and mental well-being.

Before becoming a breathwork facilitator, I had careers in translation and the law. I graduated from the University of Oxford in 1984 with a degree in Modern Languages and then spent 2 years teaching English in Japan. On my return to the UK, I trained as a solicitor and worked for Freshfields in London and then as an International Abritration lawyer in Switzerland, where I moved in 1994. 

I gave up the law when I had my first child and began working as a translator. I did an MA in Legal Translation and set up my own translation business which I have been running for the last 25 years. I left Switzerland in 2012 and am now based in Bristol.

What My Clients Say About Me

Although I’d read a bit about breath work previous to my session with Lyndsey , I really didn’t know what to expect. Her calming nature put me at ease straight away as she clearly explained about this amazing technique and how to truly connect my body with my breath. With her wonderful guidance throughout, she allowed me to release pent up emotion in the most wonderful and unexpected way. Her understanding of the connection of body and mind brought so much comfort to the session-as if she just knew what I needed! Learning this technique was a game changer for me and certainly took me to a new level of awareness of how to release the energy from my body that’s needed and I will forever continue to take her beautiful teaching and apply it to my everyday life!
Suzy Bastone
Life coach

Breathe with me

I offer group workshops and online and in-person one-to-one sessions tailored to each client’s specific needs. If you are interested in booking a session or have any questions about breathwork, please email me for more information. Or you can book a one-to-one session using the link below.

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